Orbital Fracture & Trauma

Orbital Trauma Repair

Dr. Douglas has over 15 years of experience in reconstructive procedures that repair orbital fractures, as well as facial and eyelid lacerations. Injuries to and around the eye, eyelids, orbit and facial bones are common and can occur in a variety of ways. Trauma can cause bruising and bleeding within and around the eye, fractures of the bones that make up the eye socket, eyelid lacerations, and tear drain injuries. Dr. Douglas specializes in a customized approach to repair and restore both function and normal appearance.

Many patients feel that there is no hope or that things have been disfigured for so long that nothing can be done. But this is just not true. Dr. Douglas has treated patients from all around the world, including many patients with complex injuries that have gone to multiple other surgeons with little to no improvement and have eventually lost hope. There are always nonsurgical and surgical options and we specialize in the most complex cases.

Often times, severe injuries can result in the eye appearing “sunken”. There are many techniques to help repair the eyes and restore normal appearance. When it comes to orbital fractures, repair or improvement starts with an in-depth consultation where we look at CT scans and discuss the options. From there, an individualized plan is developed to improve the appearance and function. Dr. Douglas may advise customized reconstruction of the bones around the eye. He also uses customized implants to get a superior result. This way, the best possible appearance can be achieved.

It is never too late to achieve an improvement in both appearance and function after trauma.


Orbital Fracture Beverly Hills, CA
Orbital Trauma Beverly Hills, CA


If you have suffered from an injury causing orbital trauma, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Douglas. He also offers online consultations for out-of-town patients.

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